One God Many Voices, Concert

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One God Many Voices, Concert
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Date(s) - 12/11/2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Concert, One God Many Voices, December 11 2016 at 7pm
Merkin Concert Hall
Kaufman Music Center, 129 West 67th Street, New York, NY 10023


One God Many Voices project will engage artists performing classical Turkish, Greek Byzantine and Armenian music in exploring the aesthetics of their traditions rooted in the Ottoman heritage. The performance will feature vocal pieces in Turkish, Greek, Armenian languages, that seamlessly tie into instrumental compositions, combining centuries old music with contemporary works.

Ottoman classical music today is an outcome hundreds of years of artistic development in a multicultural environment, geographically spread over three continents. Earliest written documents of this musical tradition date back to 10th century. With the establishment of the Ottoman Empire which spanned over parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe, creation and development of arts, and especially music were supported by the sultans, some of whom were musicians and composers themselves. Along Turkish, Greek and Armenian musicians fostered this musical heritage. One God Many Voices is inspired by the pluralistic urban culture of Istanbul in the centuries past where the members of different religions and cultures, speaking in variety of tongues, cooperated to create one of the most sophisticated cultural systems in the world.

Artists Biographies

Ahmet Erdogdular, one of the most important singers of the new generation in Turkish classical music is known for reviving forgotten classical forms. He is the president of Makam New York, a non-profit for Turkish classical music and arts.
Ömer Erdogdular, a renowned master neyzen is one of the founding members of the Istanbul State Turkish Music Orchestra. He devotes a significant amount of his time to teaching in Turkey and abroad.
Göksel Baktagir, a leading artist on the kanun, developed specific new techniques and introduced kanun into other genres. An accomplished composer, he released seven albums.
Dimos Papatzalakis, a specialist in Byzantine musicology, is currently protopsaltis (First cantor) at the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Thessaloniki. He is a member of “Romanos the Melodist” founded by his teacher, Panayiotis Neochoritis, the archon prostopsaltis of the Orthodox Patriarchate.
Yurdal Tokcan is one of the finest oud players in the world today. His distinct style combines tradition with many new stylistic innovations. His compositions unite traditional melodies with polyphonic textures performed on Turkish instruments, of which he has released several highly-praised albums.
Sokratis Sinopoulos studied classical guitar and Byzantine music. He studied lyra and lute with Ross Daly and joined his Labyrinthos. Since, he has collaborated with artists in various genres, from folk music to jazz, around the world.
Ara Dinkjian is an Armenian-American oud master whose heritage is reflected in his unique style and compositions with a universal appeal. His songs have been recorded in fourteen different languages, while his “Dinata, Dinata” was performed at the closing ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympics.
Murat Aydemir is one of the most important tanbur masters today. He performs with several groups, including widely acclaimed, Incesaz, and has published on tanbur performing techniques.
Onnik Dinkjian is a French born, Armenian-American musician and singer. His interest in music started in childhood through the liturgical music in the Armenian Church. He is most renowned for recording and preserving the traditional songs in the dialect of Armenians from Dikranagerd (Diyarbakir).
Ali Osman Erdogdular is the youngest prodigy of ney master, Omer Erdogdular, continuing the artistic path of Niyazi Sayin. Currently he is a neyzen at Turkish Radio Television, Istanbul.


Vocals – Ahmet Erdoğdular
Ney – Ömer Erdoğdular
Oud – Yurdal Tokcan
Kanun – Göksel Baktagir
Onnik Dinkjian, vocals
Dimos Papatzalakis, vocals
Ara Dinkjian, ud
Sokratis Sinopoulos, kemence
Murat Aydemir, tanbur
Ali Osman Erdogdular, ney



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