10th Annual Turkish Music Institute Workshop

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10th Annual Turkish Music Institute Workshop

We are pleased to announce the 10th Annual Turkish Music Institute Workshop in New York City. This year the workshop will offer online classes that will focus on practical use of music theory, modal taksim, performance, intonation, and modal repertoire analysis and interpretation taught by world-renowned master teachers.

We are keeping the class fee low thanks to our sponsor and grantors in an effort to keep the workshop accessible to the widest possible audience.



Ahmet Erdogdular’s Ottoman Turkish Singing workshop focuses on singing skills, improvisational techniques, and performance of various forms of Ottoman Turkish classical music. Emphasis on repertoire, rhythms, and ear training enables even those new to modal music to understand its concepts and engage in creative pursuit. Improvisation, the pinnacle of modal music performer, is encouraged from the start. Instrumentalists are welcome.

More about Ahmet Erdoğdular


Ömer Erdoğdular will teach a class with a focus on makam, repertoire, improvisation, and ornamentation techniques primarily for ney, although all instruments are welcome. Coming from a long lineage of music teachers, Ömer Erdoğdular provides in his lessons an opportunity for students to learn the aesthetically unique aspects and styles of Turkish classical music and recognize ney’s distinctive place in this musical tradition.

More about Ömer Erdoğdular

To register please send payment to Makam New York P.O. Box 250689 New York, NY 10025, or pay through Paypal

Ahmet Erdogdular

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