Concert, Mediterranean Crossings, Kurdilihicazkar fasil

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Concert, Mediterranean Crossings, Kurdilihicazkar fasil

Concert, Mediterranean Crossings

Kurdilihicazkar fasil (The fasıl is a suite in Ottoman classical music. A classical fasıl generally includes movements such as taksim, peşrev, kar, beste, agır semai, yuruk semai, gazel, şarkı and saz semai, played continuously without interludes and interconnected through aranagme arrangements. A modern fasıl typically includes movements such as taksim, peşrev, şarkı (agır aksak), yuruk semai, Turk aksagı, taksim, sarkı (a few with increasing tempo) and saz semai.)

Koparan sinemi agyar elidir in makam Kurdilihicazkar by Bimen Sen (Sen came from a music-loving family and was esteemed for his singing. As a child, Sen performed hymns in the Armenian church and quickly became well-known. At age eleven, while visiting Bursa, he was introduced to Hacı Arif Bey. As an adult, Sen moved to Istanbul, and was able to improve his financial situation and establish connections with people in various circles. He studied with some of the most influential musical figures of the day, including Hacı Arif Bey, Tanburi Cemil Bey, Neyzen Aziz Dede, Sevki Dede, Rahmi Bey, Hanende Nedim Bey, and Hacı Kirami Efendi. Sen eventually became a celebrated hanende.)

Ahmet Erdogdular, vocal
Omer Erdogdular, ney
Yurdal Tokcan, ud
Goksel Baktagir, kanun
Harold Hagopian, violin

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