Ömer Erdogdular

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Ömer Erdogdular

Ömer Erdoğdular will teach a class with a focus on makam, repertoire, improvisation, and ornamentation techniques primarily for ney, although all instruments are welcome. Coming from a long lineage of music teachers, Ömer Erdoğdular provides in his lessons an opportunity for students to learn the aesthetically unique aspects and styles of Turkish classical music and recognize ney’s distinctive place in this musical tradition.

Ömer Erdoğdular started studying music while still a child. He was born in Konya in 1949 and grew up in Istanbul, initially learning ney from his father. In 1965 he began studying with Ümit Gürelman, and soon after started lessons with Niyazi Sayın, which continued for many years. In addition to music, he studied Turkish literature and history with some of the most prominent intellectuals, considered a bridge between the Ottoman and Turkish intellectual tradition.

In the following two decades, he participated in many radio and TV programs, concerts, and artistic collaborations in a period when ney, and Turkish classical music in general, just began to be rediscovered in Turkey. While still a teenager, he performed in popular Turkish radio programs. In the 1960s he directed an ensemble that for the first time in Istanbul revived the Mevlevi Sufi artistic and intellectual tradition associated with Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi. In 1980 he first appeared in concert with the celebrated soloist Bekir Sıtkı Sezgin, and from then on played in most of his concerts. From 1984 to 1987, Ömer Erdoğdular was a neyzen in Nevzat Atlığ’s Ministry of Culture Classical Turkish Music Chorus. He made several recordings, among them with Bekir Sıtkı Sezgin, tanburi Necdet Yaşar and kemençevi İhsan Özgen. In 1987 he became a member of the Ministry of Culture’s Istanbul State Classical Turkish Music Ensemble founded by Necdet Yaşar of which he is still an active member.

He was part of Bosphorus instrumental group, the first Turkish ensemble to visit Greece, inaugurating cultural cooperation between the two countries. Ömer Erdoğdular continued his cultural ambassadorship by being one of the first master teachers to teach Turkish classical music abroad. In Turkey, he was the only master teacher who taught on a regular basis for more than twenty years, attracting students from all around Turkey and the world.

As a soloist, a member of the Istanbul State Classical Turkish Music Ensemble and the Necdet Yaşar Ensemble, Ömer Erdoğdular performed around Turkey and in Europe, United States, Japan and the Middle East participating in various festivals, concerts, recitals and workshops. With the Necdet Yaşar Ensemble, he participated in a two-month tour in 1991, introducing Turkish classical music in 25 concerts around the United States. He continues to devote a significant amount of his time to teaching, both in Istanbul, Turkey and in seminars and workshops abroad, such as the Sufi Music Retreat in the United States, the Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Greece, and Makamhane in Austria. www.omererdogdular.com



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