Ottoman-Turkish Singing by Ahmet Erdogdular

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Ottoman-Turkish Singing by Ahmet Erdogdular

May 21-23, 2021
3 days/4hrs a day

Friday May 21: 11am-3pm EST (New York time)
Saturday May 22: 11am-3pm EST (New York time)
Sunday May23: 11am-3pm EST (New York time)

Class Fee: $140

Ahmet Erdogdular

We are pleased to announce 10th Annual Turkish Music Institute Workshop that will take place online.

Our workshops focus on practical use of music theory, modal taksim, performance, intonation, and modal repertoire analysis and interpretation.

We thank our sponsor and grantors whose funds help us maintain low class fees in an effort to keep the workshop accessible to the widest possible audience.

Ahmet Erdogdular’s Ottoman Turkish Singing workshop focuses on singing skills, improvisational techniques, and performance of various forms of Ottoman Turkish classical music. Emphasis on repertoire, rhythms, and ear training enables even those new to modal music to understand its concepts and engage in creative pursuit. Improvisation, the pinnacle of modal music performer, is encouraged from the start. Instrumentalists are welcome.

Ahmet Erdogdular is renowned for his sophisticated singing style and superior command of vocal techniques. He is also distinguished for his role in preserving the classical vocal forms of the Ottoman musical tradition. The New York Times deemed his voice “voluptuous and pliable” and his program “intoxicating.” For more info:

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