Who We Are?

Our mission is to promote the creation, performance and appreciation of Ottoman Turkish music and arts. Makam New York serves the artistic community and the general public by providing research, education, and presentation of music and arts based on and inspired by Ottoman Turkish heritage.

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July 06-08, 2018

3day/5hrs a day classes: 10am-4pm
Class Fee: 80 Euro
We are excited to announce 1st Annual Makam Bosnia Workshop in Sarajevo, Bosnia. This year the workshop will offer two classes that will focus on practical use of music theory, intonation, and modal repertoire analysis and interpretation taught by world-renowned master teachers.

7th Annual Turkish Music Institute Workshop


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What We Do?

We perform, support, and offer Turkish classical and Sufi music concerts, art exhibits, music and art seminars and workshops, and academic lectures, including Turkish Music Institute annual workshop, first of its kind in North America.

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