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Makam New York is the first in North America to create an annual Turkish Music Institute that brings Turkey’s finest practitioners to New York City for intensive workshops and major concerts.

Makam New York was founded by Ahmet Erdogdular, one of the leading contemporary vocalists of Turkish music

Makam New York, Inc. has conducted a number of workshops, seminars and concerts in Seattle, New York, and Boston and at prestigious institutions such as Columbia, Harvard, and Yale universities. Makam New York also organized academic lectures on the art of ebru (water marbling), history of Turkish classical music, and a tezhip (illumination) workshop. Makam New York also prepares musical and artistic performances such was “An Evening of Turkish Music” at the Metropolitan Museum’s new Islamic Galleries. Makam New York also broadcasts a unique and educational music radio program in English and Turkish on its website.

Turkish Story Time

Turkish Story Time program engages children with various forms of stimulation that significantly develop their language and early literacy skills, which, in turn, form a base of their future success in education.

Research shows that children’s early experiences with books are related to their future success in learning to read in school.

Turkish Story Time is Makam New York’s educational endeavor

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