Ali Osman Erdogdular

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Ali Osman Erdogdular

Ali Osman Erdoğdular is the youngest prodigy of ney master, Omer Erdoğdular. Raised in a family of professional musicians he began learning the ney in his childhood and developed his artistic path under the influence of masters such as Niyazi Sayin and Necdet Yasar. He is already known for his brilliant performances on the ney, especially the most demanding kind, the şah ney. Formally trained as an engineer, Ali Osman Erdoğdular is also a professional calligrapher and one of the rare artists working on the traditional Ottoman plastic arts, carving and engraving precious metals. He taught ney at Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Greece, and appeared in a number of concerts and TV programs on classical Turkish music. Currently he is a neyzen at Turkish Radio Television Istanbul.

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